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This showcase was designed with the intention of displaying my passion for digital creation and how it has applied to both art and business in my professional life. Driven from a young age, my desire to grow as a developer and digital artist has pushed me to Discovering the new ways that technology and art can be utilized is ever expanding and constantly exciting to me.


I have an extensive experience spanning over twenty years as a Graphic Designer. From working in a large sign shop where I was Lead Designer to owning and operating a freelance studio where I catered to a variety of business clients to completely re-branding a multiple award-winning Inc. 5000 Corporation I have taken on many challenges and successfully completed numerous task that have led to higher profits, smoother operations and happier customers.

  • Beautiful Design Work
  • Very Pleasing Color Harmony
  • Works Swiftly & Efficiently
  • Crisp & Clean Aesthetics
  • Proactively Self Critiquing
  • Great Attention to Detail
  • Solid Understanding of Copywriting


Keen® Healthcare

Rebranding a Corporation as Head of Marketing & WebSales


Garden Wall Studios

Selections from 8 Years as an Freelance Designer & Developer


Personal Projects

Showcasing Over 20 years as a Designer, Developer & Illustrator