Welcome and thank you for taking the time to view this summary and demonstration of my skills, experiences, and works.

This showcase was designed with the intention of displaying my passion for digital creation and how it has applied to both art and business in my career. Driven from a young age, my desire to grow as a developer and digital artist has influenced my life and many other lives in different ways- from writing grants and aiding in creating computer education labs in Ronan, Montana High School to winning clothing design contests to helping completely re-brand a medical supply company. Discovering the new ways that technology and art can be utilized is ever expanding and constantly exciting to me.

As traditional schooling has never proven effective for me, self education has been my continued key to success. Educating myself on coding languages, interface design and integration, and the wide variety of programs available for web, digital, and graphic design is the most enjoyable technology related challenge I face myself with in and outside of the workplace.

Having been in several managerial positions, I thoroughly enjoy being a team player and seeing coworkers, customers, and my company benefit from marketing, tools, or systematic changes I help develop.

My goal is to be in a full time permanent position where my talents, skills, and tools can be of best effect for those I work for and with.



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Keen Healthcare

Head of Marketing & Websales

Job Description

Designer and creator in charge of all marketing creation for outside advertising, print advertising, and online advertising.

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Garden Wall Studios

Freelance Designer & Developer

Job Description

Operated as a single individual to design and create media for small businesses.

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State of Montana

Director of Purchasing & Opperations

Job Description

Head clerk and purchasing director.

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State of Montana

Head of Design & Fabrication

Job Description

Lead designer and fabricator of signs, T- Shirts, vehicle graphics, business cards, and other printed materials.

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Access Montana ISP

Technical Assistant & Instructor

Job Description

Technical support and user line management.

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According to Wikipedia, an intrapreneurship refers to employee initiatives in organizations to undertake something new, without being asked to do so; the intrapreneur focuses on innovation and creativity, and transforms an idea into a profitable venture, while operating within the organizational environment. This is the word that best describes my function in several positions I have held, in Montana and in Oregon, as I was the key player in implementing changes to database interfacing, customer/ vendor relations, and marketing creation.

In Montana, a particular time I was able to bring my skills in this area to bear was while employed for the State Upholstery Factory as the Director of Purchasing and Operations. In that capacity, I had the capability to streamline inventory tracking methods to save untold manhours and maximize efficiency. A success I still recall was making a change in vendors for foam that cut the company cost drastically without reducing quality and proved to be a more reliable and readily available source, providing faster turn around on orders and productivity. This change increased profits, solved problems, saved time, and made customers happier.

Another example of my intrapreneurship would be at Keen Healthcare, where I presented a viable plan to provide free or reduced cost shipping to customers without costing the company more profit. This plan was made based on extensive research into analytics, marketing, and testing performed by Amazon.com, the Journal of Retailing, and other sources speaking on how to make free shipping profitable and maximize customer closure rates and retention.

Being able to apply my creative thinking to company wide problems and help garner solutions is one of my greater joys professionally as the benefits of time and effort are shared by all, whether it be to improve functionality and save time or grow profits and customer bases.


The physical world we live in may have been mapped and somewhat fully explored, but the digital frontier is always expanding with new programs, new platforms, and new ways to create. I enjoy learning and exploring new programs using tutorials and videos as my maps and guides and often challenge myself to complete a full project with a new program in order to fully understand it.

Sparked with Photoshop version 2.2 over 20 years ago and continuing today with all the amazing apps and programs one can find in our ultra modern world my exploration of executables has only grown. From music and video editing to 3d modeling and special effects I have sampled many of todays main industy standard softwares and have mastered most of my daily users. My ability to rapidly learn most any software has afforded me the opportunty to take on several challenging professional positions including but not limited to teaching/instructional possitions, IT management, and heading my own divisions.

The Control is in the Code

Control the Code; Control the Content.

With the amazing advancements spawned during the recent generations of the computer age it seems that almost anything can be achieved within the digital world. As a designer I especially enjoy the dynamic 3d world computer languages can afford. Though virtual, within this environment I become the archtect, contractor, and designer of the project I am working on. This aspect is truly where my love for coding lies as it enables my creativity to thrive and ever expand.


In order to be able to effectively design and create web pages on multiple platforms, developers must learn how to write in several different coding languages. I have challenged myself to learn as many as possible. Through my accomplishments with that area of study, I have come to see that if you understand the code, anything is possible in the digital world. Though there is a lot more to learn, as there always is, my knowledge and applicable abilities with coding grow daily, as do my capabilities as a designer.

Magento is a leading enterprise-class eCommerce platform written in PHP that has been adopted by over 200,000 online retailers to date and chosen by 1 of every 4 online businesses. Magento’s intuitive administration interface provides advanced marketing, search engine optimisation and catalogue-management tools to control the look, content and functionality of every retailer’s unique ecommmerce website.

Being the head of Web Sales and Marketing for Keen Heathcare I have been using Magento’s ecommerce platform eveyday for the past year and I have found that with Magento’s versatility comes a level of difficulty above typical conventional web deveopement. Utilizing a combination of programming languages and a unigue archetecture Magento requires one to expand their knowledge of sever space management and coding language.

Due to the limited resources and no formal training in utilizing this platform, this was an immense challenge for a single person to undertake. My success with this experience has given me the confidence I have today as a Magento developer- and as a developer in general- for it required me to learn, apply, and utilize new skills, programming languages, and marketing applications I had not had an opportunity to work with previously.

Front End


    Skill Level: 90%
  • CSS Cascading Style

    Skill Level: 90%
  • JavaScript,jQuery

    Skill Level: 40%

Business Logic

  • PHP
  • XML

Data Access

  • SQL
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • macros